United Reformed Church of Sunnyside

The Gospel - The Good News!

Today, many people define the Gospel in different ways. Some say that it's about thinking positively, about turning our frowns upside down. Others say that it's about living positively, about loving God and other people. But in reality, the Gospel is about neither of these things, for they both share a fundamental problem: they're not news. And the Gospel, by definition, is "good news," news concerning what someone else has accomplished, not what we are obligated to perform through good ideas or good habits.

And the truth is, this good news only makes sense in light of the bad news: that we are sinners under a holy God. Though God created mankind good, in His own likeness, with the ability to perfectly obey Him, mankind chose evil. Though mankind was created to worship her Creator, mankind chose to worship the creature. And this is a colossal problem! For a holy God will not tolerate anything less than perfect holiness. God will not and can not have fellowship with creatures who are guilty of violating His holy law, even in the slightest degree. In fact, according to His standard of holy justice, God must condemn the guilty to everlasting punishment, both in body and soul. God's justice must be satisfied.

So this is the bad news that makes the good news so.......GOOD! The good news is that God's justice has indeed been satisfied. The la w's demand for perfect obedience, as well as the eternal penalty for not fulfilling this demand, has been satisfied; and Jesus Christ satisfied it. In His great love and mercy, God Himself, the holy law-giver, came to the law-breakers' rescue! Jesus Christ, the Son of God, took upon Himself the obligations of the law, obeying God perfectly in every detail FOR US. And more than this, He also suffered as a law-breaker Himself, suffering the penalty for OUR sins as He was crucified on the cross. In His incredible love and grace, Jesus Christ reconciled sinners to God, repairing the massive breach created by our sins.

So this is the good news, sinner! The good news is that what the law demands, the gospel provides. And if you place your trust and confidence NOT in your good works, whether your positive thinking or your positive living, but solely in the good news of what Jesus Christ accomplished in HIS life and death, then you can have the imperishable hope of eternal life with God, a comfort "in body and soul, in life and in death" (Heidelberg Catechism Q & A #1).

The Gospel isn't just something we believe; the Gospel isn't just "fire insurance." On the contrary, this news of God's love transforms us from the inside out, re-shaping how we think and act on a daily basis. It motivates us to live lives of gratitude to God, it fills our hearts with joy and contentment in times of plenty and want, directing our eyes heavenward, from where we await our Savior Jesus' glorious return.

If you have any questions about the Gospel, please don't hesitate to contact Pastor Huff, whether by phone ( 509-837-3363 ) or email ( jordanchuff@gmail.com ); OR simply come and visit us for a Sunday service at either 10 AM or 6 PM.